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  • Cyberoptics


    A young producer taking the electronic music world by storm, at age 19 Alex Epps aka Cyberoptics first made his big smash into the scene with his release “Geisha” on Play Me Records. Geisha climbed to number 1 on the Beatport charts and held it’s place in the top 5 for over a month, battling producers such as Borgore and Doctor P.

    His sound is influenced by every musical genre under the sun, and some from far past it. With a unique style that combines different themes, deep modulating bass, heavy sub, and one of-a-kind cosmic soundscapes, it’s almost impossible not to move your body to these alien sounding tones and ambient rhythms. Works of Cyberoptics can be found ranging from FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” to Michael Bay’s “Battleship” trailer.

    ‘Cyberoptics’ 2nd release from Play Me Records “The Tie Fighter EP” exploded onto the Beatport top 20 with songs “Pimpin” hitting #3 “Geisha VIP” right behind at #4 and “Tie Fighter” and “Toasty” topping out at 14 and 17. Cyber’s unique style is constantly evolving with every song and spark of inspiration.

    On September 16th 2013, Cyberoptics released his long awaited 17 track LP on Play Me Records. The release hit #1 in dubstep, drum & bass, electronica, and was the #1 of all releases on Beatport.