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  • Hulk (RIP)

    Hulk (RIP)

    Since 2009, HULK has walked the earth. Four long years of audio-conquest, leaving in his wake a scorched land of shattered teeth, broken hearts and ecstasy. Warlord and alchemist, warrior and poet, HULK has delivered unto the people the truth of sound and forever branded his name into the annals of dubstep.

    As the sun sets on his victorious back and the world grows dark, HULK?s gaze falls on those lands yet unconquered.

    He has raged under numerous banners: Rottun Records, SubHuman Records and HULK?s own label, BroTown Records, making him a mercenary monster, a pitiless beast without faction, who delights only in the ripe joy of bass.

    His righteousness of rage has been vindicated by some of the genre?s biggest names and beyond: Modestep, Excision, Dieselboy, Swishahouse and iwrestledabearonce to name just who have worked alongside HULK. With the reputation of a solid collaborator, 2013 will provide no relief – A huge remix for Public Enemy is impending.

    2013 will also bring an unavoidable monthly podcast of fresh and current music, new releases on the BroTown label, and brand new HULK and BroTown merchandise to clothe the huddled masses.

    HULK will also demonstrate a warlord?s generosity this year by launching monthly music giveaways with his, ?Fresh Fry-Daze?, starting off with an all HULK produced live mix.

    Run. Cower. Embrace the inevitable. Whatever you do, HULK cannot, will not be stopped as he marches his new lineup in an endless, bass driven precession across the world.