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  • Viral Sound

    Viral Sound

    Viral Sound is a widely diverse, five-piece project based out of Providence, RI. Using jam fusion, Viral Sound combines live electronica, funk, rock and roll, reggae and jazz.

    Uniting a distinct attentiveness to sound and a feverish desire to explore every facet of musical territory, each live performance becomes an intoxicating auditory thrill that spreads like a virus. Ariel Moore?s organic bass lines and lead vocals, Charley Zahringer?s calculated guitar licks and tasteful backup vocals, and Jordan Giangreco?s trans-dimensional synthesizers/keys and powerful vocals, combine with the synergistic rhythm of Dan Rourke(drums) and Chris Ottaviano(percussion) to captivate and enchant audiences worldwide. Each member?s musical approach is unique and eclectic, drawing from varied musical backgrounds and interests.

    During Viral Sound?s live performances the members display a telepathic way of communicating with each other and the crowd to generate an explosively mind-bending musical experience. This is one virus that can?t be contained?